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visualAI, WeDoSky’s software, identifies hotspot affected panel IDs in the site plan and highlights both thermal and visual anomalies according to their severity. This also enables solar companies to file for a replacement during the manufacturer’s warranty period.


Easy Panel Diagnosing

WeDoSky drones geo-tag hotspots by capturing their thermal temperature differences making locating panels easier on the solar farm.


Identification of Issues

The software identifies damages such as panel cracks, diode/cell failures, panel failures, connection joints/mounting structure issues, etc. It also identifies panels affected by debris and vegetation.


Severity of Issues

The software identifies and classifies causes such as shading, cell failure, bypass diode, open/short circuit, on the basis of their severity level.

Identify hotspots and find phantom losses at your solar assets

Case Study

A leading solar company was experiencing energy loses despite regular maintenance measures. WeDoSky helped the company discover these phantom loses using drones and data analytics.

Solar, Wind, Poer Plants, Commercial Assets

“WeDoSky’s services were helpful in inspecting our sites in Rajasthan. We rapidly identified modules for replacement claims. This led to over 1% increment in our plant’s operational efficiency.”

Vice President – Operations & Maintenance


The site’s table locations and details were extracted form the CAD layout. WeDoSky drones were then programmed to fly systematically over each of the tables with both thermal and visual camera systems. The drones were flown at 15 metres from the panels allowing them to capture cell-level intricate details. The captured aerial images were then transferred to the WeDoSky cloud solution – visualAI for processing.


3000 Modules

with hotspots detected

400% Savings

in inspection costs

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